Romlas Health Group (RHG), originally named Romlas Holdings, was established to be a catalyst and incubator for global best practices in health and wellness. We began as a healthcare facility in the Philippines focused on preventive medicine and anti-aging services in 2009.

The founders quickly realized that there were crucial health aspects which were not being addressed by the local market. In response, RHG’s vision and scope grew to include a more holistic and integrated approach that employed functional medicine, a step up from traditional medicine. Instead of treating individual symptoms, functional medicine traces the underlying cause of health problems and views the patient as a whole by examining how one’s history, genetics, environment, and lifestyle contribute towards long-term health. 


To see a re-imagined 21st century health ecosystem in support of addressing the root-causes of complex chronic disease


Elevate the standard of care for healthcare practitioners to assess and manage the underlying causes of complex chronic disease.

We are a catalyst and incubator of global best practices in Health and Wellness.
We are an ecosystem with champions from different communities, sectors and
industries all working towards making people healthier from farm to flush.
We provide medical professionals and communities the necessary education
and training, technologies and products, as well as venues and platforms
to help make people healthier.


The ROMero-SaLAS siblings, Marv and Cris, conceptualized LifeScience in 2009 with the vision and advocacy of bringing global best practices in health care and wellness to the Philippines and making them more accessible to Filipinos. With Michael Genato, the company’s CEO, they envisioned elevating the standard of care from a patient’s perspective.

Their vision materialized when LifeScience Center opened its doors in 2010. Until today, the Center for Health and Wellness continues to serve Filipinos, Advancing Health through root-cause medicine and with advanced diagnostics.

LifeScience grew and the company evolved into ROMLAS HEALTH GROUP (RHG), with Global Medical Technologies as the medical solutions provider and LifeScience Institute as its research, education and training arm.

The founders’ vision remains but it has greater heights in sight. As a catalyst and incubator of global best practices in health and wellness, RHG is set to spearhead a health and wellness revolution in the country:


to make the Philippines a HEALTH AND WELLNESS DESTINATION in Southeast Asia and globally!


Maria Victoria “Marv” Romero Salas

Executive Director

Cris Romero Salas

Executive Director

Mitch Genato

Group Chief Executive Officer